U.S. attorney says online betting could fund terrorists

Missouri's U.S. Attorney Catherine Hanaway said last week that she believes money used in online betting could be used to fund terrorist attacks on America. Hanaway is the prosecutor behind the case against BetonSports, Plc.

Hanaway told the "Guardian Unlimited" that betting, like that done by Americans on BetonSports, Plc.'s site, causes an unacceptable outflow of large amounts of money from the United States. She said any time that much money flows out of the United States unregulated, it's subject to suspicious activity reports.

The government isn't making any specific allegations in reference to BetonSports, Plc., but Hanaway said it was essential for authorities to keep tabs on such large amounts of cash to make sure it's not being used for money laundering, drug financing, or terrorism.

Hanaway is a member of the Republican party with ties to the White House. She ran George W. Bush's presidential campaign in Missouri and was then appointed U.S. attorney for the state by him despite not practicing criminal law for a decade. Though she claims during her interview not to be a "way-out conservative," her political career also includes serving in the Missouri House of Representatives where she sponsored a bill to ban bestiality, opposed raising taxes for the wealthy, and backed an attempt to put the 10 commandments in every classroom.

Local media has reported her comparing BetonSports, Plc.'s business to the illegal smuggling of pornography or drugs into America. She said that she was referring to the views of others with those statements and isn't judging whether online gambling should be legal, just following the law that says the business is operating illegally.

Hanaway maintains that BetonSports, Plc. was committing fraud as well as taking illegal bets under U.S. laws.

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