Urindanger wins over $400k in three pots

Brian Townsend
Brian Townsend's had better nights.

The $200/$400 PLO action was in full swing on Full Tilt last night with Urindanger dominating a six-handed table full of familiar names.

The table started with Urindanger and Brian Townsend playing heads up until the other seats started to fill up.

Some of the other players to join the game included: Eric Liu, theASHMAN103, Richard Ashby and Gus Hansen.

Despite the quality of the competition, Urindanger managed to win all three of the three largest pots worth over $400,000.

The largest pot of the session saw Urindanger (holding the top set of tens), Brian Townsend (holding a 16-out straight draw) and Richard Ashby (with a pair of kings) get it all in on the flop.

The turn and river both bricked for Townsend and Ashby sending the entire pot to Urindanger with his unimproved set of tens.

It seems as though Urindanger had Townsends number, having won his third largest pot of the night while playing Townsend heads up.

Check out the hand replays below to see the heads up hand, and the second largest pot of the night.

The largest pot of the session.

Riding the Gus train.

The heads up hand.

All the largest pots of the session can be replayed in our MarketPulse section.

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