Unheralded Hagerling Shocks Steinberg in $3k Mixed Max Final

Max Steinberg
Max Steinberg after Isaac Hagerling hit a three-outer.

Max Steinberg was one card away from snagging his second gold bracelet at the WSOP today but young upstart pro Isaac Hagerling hit the river card of a lifetime to turn the tide.

Steinberg had the young pro dead-to-rights with ace-king over king-ten on the river of a Q-8-2-4 board with a bracelet on the line in Event 27 $3,000 Mixed Max.

Instead Hagerling binked a miracle ten to not only survive but win 97% of the chips in play.

Steinberg was shocked and even Hagerling admitted he thought he was done.

“I was thinking this is it,” he said. “I managed to look pretty dumb while coming in second place.”

Hagerling did not finish second, however. Instead he won the pot, and despite a late comeback by Steinberg, eventually sealed the deal to win his first gold bracelet and $372,387 in cash.

Amazingly the final day of the tournament also took place on Hagerling's birthday as he turned 26.

Hagerling Bests Pros Timoshenko, Ausmus to Make the Final

Isaac Hagerling
Isaac Hagerling

The No-Limit Hold’em Mixed Max is a unique format that sees players start nine-handed, then move to six-handed on Day 2. When the field is cut down to 32 players the format moves to heads-up play.

This year the tournament drew 593 and the final 32 provided a fantastic showcase of poker talent with Jason Koon, Yevgeniy Timoshenko, Jeremy Ausmus and Brandon Cantu in the final eight.

Hagerling, who hails from Cleveland, beat Timoshenko and Ausmus to get into the final heads-up match against Steinberg.

It was an incredible victory for a player who got into poker by playing $5 Sit & Goes in his College dorm just outside of Chicago.

It’s doubtful Steinberg will be able to find any solace tonight but Hagerling was humble in victory.

“This tournament had a lot of play but there is still a huge amount of variance in it. I don’t think it proves anything that I won this one,” he said.

“The money means a lot though.”

For even more info about the final day of the $3,000 Mixed Max check our live coverage here. Here's the complete payouts for the final eight places:

  • 1st: Isaac Hagerling - $372,387
  • 2nd: Max Steinberg - $231,501
  • 3rd: Jeremy Ausmus - $132,748
  • 4th: Jason Koon - $132,748
  • 5th: Yevgeniy Timoshenko - $51,561
  • 6th: Dan Healey - $51,561
  • 7th: Chris Johnson - $51,561
  • 8th: Brandon Cantu - $51,561
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