UK Grinder Rob Tinnion Wins 2nd Sunday Million in 6 Months


When you win over $200k in a poker tournament and that's the secondary part of the story, you know you've done something special.

That's the case with UK grinder Rob "robtinnion" Tinnion after he joined an elite online poker club this weekend.

Tinnion took down his second Sunday Million title on PokerStars in less than six months, earning $200,136.96 this go round.

That follows up his $213,994.70 win in August of last year and makes Tinnion just the seventh two-time winner in Sunday Million history.

"I've Won This Before"

Ravnsbaek: Deal denied.

Winning the Sunday Million twice is no easy feat given its 6,000-player strong field from week to week.

It's even less easy when you get to final-table play against two top pros.

Facing down Denmark's Simon "ministerborg" Ravnsbaek, an EPT champ, and American Seth Davies, a 2014 SCOOP winner, Tinnion stood his ground - even refusing deals twice that would have paid him only $133k and $168k.

Said Tinnion in the chat the first time a deal was proposed four-handed:

  • ministerborg: will you take that rob?
  • robtinnion: ive won this before, how many time you won it?
  • ministerborg: does it matter?

His confidence was rewarded in the end as he defeated Ravnsbaek heads-up for the crown. Ravnsbaek earned $148,027.50.

Full details of the action at the final table on the PokerStars blog here.


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