U.K. company will help run home poker games

A new U.K. company, Dialadealer.com, is making home poker games more convenient by providing dealer services and setting up the games for customers. The customer provides the players, and Dialadealer.com provides top specification tables, chips, cards and a professional dealer at the venue of your choosing.

"We are initially aiming the service at exclusive home poker nights. The nights will be professionally run by the Dialadealer.com team with dedicated dealers at the tables," said Michael Needham, Dialadealer.com director. "They will be fun, sociable events for an alternative night's entertainment."

The company offers three different dealer packages, two for home games and a corporate package.

The "High Roller" home package includes five hours of play with a professional poker dealer, 10-seater poker table with chairs, cards, and clay chips. For the "Beginner" package they also provide tutorials and coaching for the players.

The "Corporate" package is fully flexible and tailored for the type of event the company wants to host. Some of the options available include customizable equipment, lighting, plasma screens, professional and celebrity players, caterers, and providing a venue.

Whether it's a home game or a corporate event, customers aren't limited to playing Texas Hold'em either. The dealers are proficient in Omaha and Seven-Card Stud as well and can organize single table tournaments, multiple table tournaments, and cash games.

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