U.K. Bet Show seeks to educate consumers

Birmingham will play host to the U.K.'s first consumer-focused gambling exhibition next fall when the U.K. Bet Show comes to the city's National Exhibition Center (NEC) Sept. 14-16.

The U.K. Bet Show is being pioneered by Fifth Street Events, which specializes in original and innovative shows from diverse business sectors. This show is aimed at the retail and consumer gambling market.

The show will bring together people from all areas of the gambling industry including professional players, experts, business and more, giving consumers a chance to get to know some of the industry's most important people.

According to the U.K. Bet Show Web site, this will be a chance for people to find out everything they want to know about the betting industry.

There will be plenty of entertainment with Las Vegas shows and various competitions including a poker tournament. Attendees can also talk to professional gamblers and attend gambling seminars.

Revisions to the gambling laws in the United Kingdom are helping open up the industry there, but the changes are also attracting negative publicity for betting and gaming as anti-gambling groups oppose the changes.

That is why Fifth Street Events has organized the U.K. Bet Show. It's not just a showcase of the industry; it's about getting information out to the public.

"The U.K. Bet Show is more - much, much more - than just a showcase," says the shows Web site. "It's also about informing, educating, teaching and learning.

"There will be seminars, forums, workshops and talks where individuals will be able to get the true facts about gambling, where they can learn the rules, master the strategies and discover for themselves exactly what the gambling industry is all about."

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