UBOC Final Event players split pot, compete for bracelet

Maria nuccia walked away from his computer Sunday as the winner of the UltimateBet Online Championship Final Event, but not the biggest prize money.

On the advice of poker pro Phil Hellmuth, who was providing audio commentary for the event, maria nuccia and Fred420 decided to split the pot for a $168,450 payday each and compete for the champion's silver UBOC bracelet.

Early on, short stack maria nuccia played a restrained game, staying out most hands. But when it counted, the eventual tournament winner seized his opportunity and doubled up multiple times.

When the table dwindled to heads-up play, maria nuccia met with Fred420, who had a 6-1 chip lead. But after doubling up again and claiming a couple nice pots, the stacks were about even and talk of a deal started to swirl.

Finally, following more than 10 hours of play, maria nuccia held a 10-1 chip lead. Both went into the pot with aces - Fred420 with a three kicker and maria nuccia with a seven. A seven came on the flop and it was all over for Fred420.

The results for the UltimateBet Online Championship Final Event are as follows:

1stmaria nuccia$211,500
2nd Fred420 $125,400
3rd pmjackson21 $87,500
4th A_thekevlar_2 $65,000
5th Zmona $52,500
6th breitling996 $42,000
7th RMB31 $32,000
8th toetagu $22,500
9th e tyme $17,000
10th ThrillsnKills $10,000

Throughout the course of the tournament, players were also competing for a top leaderboard score. After maintaining a lead throughout the event, rps5000 finished on top of the pack and has earned the right to face Hellmuth in heads-up play for a $10,000 prize.

The leaderboard results are as follows:

2nd awobball44 357
3rd knet_poker 346
4th WiscoMurray 338
5th robertv77 299
6th rkruok 271
7th sideout31 263
8th witz17 259
9th indariva 256
10th fiveaceswins 247

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