Tzvetkoff to Appear at Upcoming Black Friday Trial

Daniel Tzvetkoff.

Australian Daniel Tzvetkoff, founder of a payment processing company used by Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker and PokerStars, will appear in court as a witness for the Department of Justice in the trial of Black Friday defendants Chad Elie and John Campos.

According to, the 29-year-old Tzvetkoff will "come out of hiding" next month for the trial and his documents are the centerpiece of the DOJ's case.

Originally accused of stealing over $100 million by the poker companies themselves, Tzvetkoff was arrested in April 2010 in a Las Vegas casino and charged with laundering over $1 billion in payments from US players for the poker sites.

Transferred to New York and facing 75 years in jail, Tzvetkoff struck a deal to be an informant for the US government and is now the star witness in their case against the three largest poker sites accused of taking payments from US players.

Tzvetkoff has reportedly turned over 90,000 documents from Intabill, his processing company, including private emails that confirm the illegal transactions.

Two defendants who have been arrested in the Black Friday indictments, Elie and Campos, are set to appear in court on money laundering and bank fraud charges and Tzvetkoff is scheduled to be a witness.

Elie, 31, is charged with nine offences and if convicted faces a maximum sentence of 85 years. Campos, a 57-year-old executive from Utah's SunFirst Bank, is charged with six offences and faces 35 years in prison.

Tzvetkoff was once considered a "whiz kid" in Australia and celebrated in the media for his lavish lifestyle including a $27 million home on the Gold Coast and several flashy sports cars along with sponsoring his own racing team.

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