Tyson's former house offered as poker prize

Boxing legend Mike Tyson is being given the opportunity to win his old house back from English millionaire Dominic Marrocco, who paid $4 million for the Las Vegas mansion and an adjacent property last year.

Marrocco is offering the house as a first place prize in a multi-million dollar poker tournament, which he hopes will become the focus of a reality television series where hundreds of people compete to win the former world heavyweight boxing champion's old digs. If the series goes through, four players will advance from the vast playing field to take their seats alongside Marrocco and Tyson at a final table located on the basketball court on the grounds of the mansion.

"People might think I'm some kind of crazy English eccentric giving away Tyson's house but contestants pay thousands of dollars each to enter high stakes poker tournaments plus there are the rights to the reality TV show. I have the chance to keep the house if I win the tournament but, if I don't, I will walk to my house next door, shut the door behind me and have still made money," said Marrocco. "I think Mike would appreciate the chance to take part and win back his home - as long as he doesn't bite anyone's ears!" he added

When Marrocco acquired Tyson's house last year, he planned to live in the mansion while he reconstructed the neglected property next door and then sell the former champ's house. The millionaire claims he is on good terms with Tyson, who now lives in a small, two-bedroom apartment in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Englishman has conducted talks with television executives from major networks in the United States regarding the series' broadcasting rights. He hopes to have something worked out by the new year.

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