Two previous WCOOP final table finishers compete at WCOOP Event #9 final table

The World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) Event #9 featured 2 previous WCOOP final table finishers at its 8-player final table: Ziggy47, who placed 6th in Event #1 (received $53,585) and Lenny, who finished 9th in Event #6 (received $4,879).

WCOOP Event #9 was a Seven-Card Stud tournament requiring a buy-in of $300 + $20 and offering a guaranteed prize pool of $150,000. A total of 622 players entered the tournament, which was played out on Monday, September 12th. The prize pool was worth a total of $186,000 and 72 places were paid. Each player received a starting chip stack of $2,500. The tournament began at 3 p.m. (EST) and finished at 2:37 a.m. (EST).

The seat position and chip count at the start of final table play was as follows:

1. Kenjh (Mystic, CT) $311,648
2. Lenny (Long Beach, CA) $78,880
3. SUPERTYR (Copenhagen, Denmark) $312,251
4. Umass43 Hold (Gilbert, AZ) $93,003
5. MickBt23 (Bowling Green, KY) $238,435
6. smukke (Copenhagen, Denmark) $61,792
7. ziggy47 (Lewis Center, OH) $222,152
8. schwah (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) $236,839

As final table play progressed, Lenny was knocked out in ninth place, followed by Smukke, Umass43, Schwah, ziggy47, and MickBt23. The game turned slow as SUPERTYR and Kenjh began heads-up play for the first place prize and tournament bracelet; Lee Jones (the floor person) agreed to override the rules and granted the players' repeated requests to chop the remaining prize pool down the middle. The two opponents then played a couple of capped-betting hands in order to determine an event winner.

Final table results are as follows:

1st SUPERTYR (Copenhagen, Denmark) $35,733.90
2nd Kenjh (Mystic, CT) $35,733.90
3rd MickBt23 (Bowling Green, KY) $17,167.20
4th ziggy47 (Lewis Center, OH) $12,875.40
5th schwah (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) $10,263.00
6th Umass43 Hold (Gilbert, AZ) $8,397.00
7th smukke (Copenhagen, Denmark) $6,531.00
8th Lenny (Long Beach, CA) $4,665.00

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