Two more winners from WSOPC Harrah's New Orleans

David Avera

It was a casino industry specialist and a player who had never played a tournament before who came up big in Events 6 and 9 of the WSOPC Harrah's New Orleans.

Event 6 was another No-Limit Hold'em affair, this time with a $300+$40 buy-in. (It's worth noting events at WSOPC New Orleans are not finishing in numerical order because some are two-day events while others are just one). A total of 393 players came out with the intention of taking it to the limit in Event 6 but no one did it better than David Avera.

The 33-year-old Avera, who works as a supervisor for a cable television contractor, dominated the later stages of play and was never in serious danger of being eliminated. Incredibly Avera had never entered a poker tournament of any kind prior to the event and his only poker experience came from home games.

After a rather conservative final table, Avera busted Lou Crispino and Barry Cusimano in successive hands and never looked back.

Heads-up play began with Avera holding a 2-1 chip lead over opponent Ben Mintz and Mintz was never able to mount a serious comeback. In the final hand Mintz hit a ten on the flop for top pair but Avera was holding pocket aces. Avera hit another ace on the turn and won the tournament with a monster set of aces.

Avera received $35,453 for his efforts and a gold WSOPC ring.

Event 9 was a $500+$50 buy-in Limit Hold'em tournament and, as is usually the case, there were considerably fewer players than in the No-Limit tournaments. A modest 56 players came out to try and outlast each other in the methodical game that is Limit poker.

After just seven hours of play the final table was decided, with Ward Kay holding the largest portion of chips still in play. Unfortunately for Kay it was not to last and he went out fifth.

With the former chip leader out of the way John Lively made the most of the opportunity and eventually beat Rich Richardson in heads-up play.

Lively is an independent casino representative in Houston, where he works on behalf of some of the biggest resorts and casinos in the gaming industry. New Orleans is a good spot for Lively as last year he placed third in Event 4 of the WSOPC Harrah's New Orleans.

The live reporting team will be strapping themselves into a swamp boat and making their way to New Orleans for the last WSOPC Main Event of the season so be sure to check out our live tournaments section.

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