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Event 3 of the World Series of Poker Circuit Harvey Lake Tahoe saw Sinh Nguyen make his first final table ever, and then take it down for a $33,228 payday. After that, Event 4 saw a record crowd turn out for the ladies event with Barbara Brown Harney walking away the winner.

Event 3 was the $1,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold'em event. With 114 players registered for the event, the prize pool made it up to $110,580.

After a day of play, 105 players were eliminated and the nine finalists returned to play on Monday. Nguyen came to the table with a slight chip lead and dominated to knock out six of his eight opponents.

First out was Dan Stephens who moved all-in with pocket kings, and Nguyen called with A-Q. The board came 3-3-4-3-3, resulting in quad threes for both players, with Nguyen holding the ace for top kicker.

The 35-year-old electrician will walk away from the tournament with one of the best bad-beat stories around plus $2,322 for ninth place.

Nguyen then took out Joshua Roberts, a pro player from California, who was forced in with a weak hand. Nguyen toppled him with just ace-high. Roberts pockets $3,207 for eighth place.

Bob Bone took the seventh-place spot after finding himself short-stacked and forced to play a naked ace. He didn't manage to pair it and it wasn't good enough to keep him in the game.

This was Bone's first-ever poker tournament, and the car dealership owner earned $4,313 for his performance.

After the blinds went up, Nguyen took out another player, taking him one step closer to victory. Stuart Spears made his last stand with pocket sixes, and Nguyen called with A-T.

A 10 on the flop put him ahead and an ace on the turn pretty much sealed the deal. Spears takes home $5,418 for sixth place.

Ron Matsuura followed Spears to the rail a while later. The first player at this year's tournament series to make two final-table appearances, Matsuura fell victim to J.T. Anderson's straight to end his run in fifth place again. He wins $7,022.

Though she had managed to hang on at the final table for quite a while with a low chip stack, Renea Mahaffey ended up leaving the table next. She was the first female to make the final table of an open event at this year's Lake Tahoe series, and it paid off at $9,289 for fourth place.

Mahaffey also pledged half of her tournament winnings to the Outdoor Dream Foundation. The foundation helps terminally ill children enjoy their final days by going on special outdoor excursions.

Following Mahaffey was J.T. Anderson, owner of an oil field survey company in Texas. Anderson raised all-in pre-flop with pocket sixes to run into Nguyen's A-Q.

Nguyen caught an ace on the turn, and Anderson went out in third place. He was paid $13,380 for his effort.

That left Nguyen and Thomas Hover to face each other heads-up. Nguyen held a 6-1 chip lead when heads-up began and it was just too much for Hover to overcome.

Hover was dealt K-9 against Nguyen's K-7. The flop brought a king and Hover went all-in with the best hand. However, the river brought a seven, giving Nguyen two pair and the win.

Hover made $19,462 for second place, and Nguyen got the top cash prize and a shiny new WSOPC ring.

The next event brought the ladies out for some Texas Hold'em with Event 4, and they certainly showed up this time with 156 participating, making it the largest WSOPC ladies event so far in Lake Tahoe history.

With a $200 buy-in, the Ladies Event prize pool ended up at $30,264, and it was Barbara Brown Harney who took the largest piece with her win.

This final table started out with 10 players, and the first person to go was Wendy Shoemaker, a psychologist from California. She wins $454 for 10th place.

Yvette Mongkolvares took the ninth-place spot for $635, and eighth place went to Lori Fields, an accountant from Marysville, Calif. Fields received $877 for her effort.

Julie Parker, who collects antique and vintage clothing, showed off her poker skills with a seventh-place finish. She collects $1,180.

It took a while to bust another player after Parker hit the rail, but an hour later, Ronda Cook had to settle for sixth place. She earns $1,483.

Half an hour after that, the fifth-place finisher emerged. Karie Nelson, an educator and graduate student from Stockton, Calif., busted out and claimed her $1,922.

Fourth place went to Sally Royce, playing her first major poker event, and she claimed $2,542. Next out was Nancy Campos after three hours of final-table play. The property manager picked up $3,662 for third place.

That brought it down to Harney and Terri Solis for heads-up play. Twenty minutes in, Solis' J-T was busted by Harney's K-J.

Solis, a cook from Michigan, earned $5,326 for second place, while Harney pocketed $9,094 for the win.

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