torpish wins WSOP freeroll from Full Tilt/

chip stack

Online poker player torpish took advantage of the incredible deals offered by Full Tilt Poker and won the FTP/ WSOP* freeroll on May 25.

torpish outlasted 75 players and took down a $12,500 package for the WSOP Main Event, while a total of $3,000 was spread out between the next 18 finishers. None were more pleased than torpish, who is an engineering student from Norway.

Unfortunately, torpish is only 20 years old, so he'll have to wait another year for a crack at poker's biggest dance.

"It's a shame I'm too young as participating in the WSOP would be an amazing experience," he said. "Instead I will probably enjoy a nice summer and will probably buy a gaming console for the dark and cold Norwegian winter and a new TV to go along with it."

He continued, "Nonetheless a poor student is always in need of some extra savings. Lastly I will probably leave some of it in my bankroll and up the ante to make for a bigger profit, or loss!"

In the final hand torpish called a massive bluff by his heads-up opponent HomelessOnWiFi. torpish held a modest A 3 on a K 5 2 flop when HomelessOnWiFi moved in with T 9. torpish sensed something was up and made the call with ace-high and a gut-shot straight draw. torpish's hand held and he won the tournament.

"I had ace-high and I knew he was capable of bluffing so I went for it," torpish explained. "Luckily he was trying to steal the pot again."

torpish is a relatively new player who enjoys the competitive nature of the game.

"I've been playing on and off for about three to four years. Only the last two have been for real money," he said. "The thrill of getting good cards and the joy of outsmarting other players are what drew me into the game. And of course money is always a goal."

torpish is an avid Full Tilt Poker player and plays on the site almost exclusively.

"It's my favorite poker room," he said. "I especially love the graphics as well as the number of players."

torpish signed up for Full Tilt Poker on and hasn't looked back since. He frequently searches for the latest freerolls.

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