Top three earn six figures in Sunday Million

The Prize Money

The malls may be full of holiday shoppers, but there are still plenty of online poker players opting to stay home and check out the big-money events at PokerStars on Sundays.

This week opis/sp topped a field of 7,549 players to win $152,006.84 after a chop when they were down to three-handed that left the top three players with six-figure payouts.

The top 1,080 players took home a piece of the $1,509,800 prize pool on Sunday. One of those players was Steve Paul-Ambrose, who finished in 459th place.

Other Team PokerStars pros in the field on Sunday were Barry Greenstein, Greg Raymer, Luca Pagano, Chad Brown, Vanessa Rousso and John Duthie.


It took almost four hours of play to get down to the money, and it was eight and half hours in by the time play got down to the final two tables. By then, all the mighty PokerStars pros were out.

After the chop, it came down to opis/sp versus CHI01 for the final $30,000 left to play for. It took only two hands of heads-up play for the winner to be declared.

Both players raised pre-flop and saw a flop of J K 6. After opis/sp checked, CHI01 pushed all-in. opis/sp called and turned up Q J to CHl01's 5 3.

Opis/sp had a middle pair, and the turn helped his hand even more by bringing a 6 that gave him two pair. A 7 on the river sealed the deal, and opis/sp had the win.

The final-table results were as follows:

Place Name Prize
1st opis/sp $152,006.84
2nd CHI01 $122,006.84
3rd jdballer40 $122,006.84
4th drpossjr25 $69,450.80
5th Eeedz $54,352.80
6th TommyE79 $39,254.80
7th 5fish $26,421.50
8th Mighty Horse $17,362.70
9th AvelonSalheb $10,568.60

The Sunday Warm-Up also saw a hefty crowd of 3,899 players to boost the $750,000 guaranteed prize pool up to $779,900.

After chopping the pot when they were down to two players, mmmmbilski and suckedoutagn each had a guaranteed $80,788. They played for a remaining $10,000, and it wasn't a quick battle this time around.

It took 85 hands before mmmbillski was able to finally put suckedoutagn away for the win. The final-table results were:

Place Name Prize
1st mmmbillski $90,788
2nd suckedoutagn $80,788
3rd D1rtyR1v3r $46,788
4th riddup $38,990
5th Mi||a.TiMe $31,192
6th mortens22 $23,394
7th yokerface $15,596
8th DenyoDeluxXe $9,717.50
9th hidalgo18 $6,706.28

For your shot at the big bucks in the Sunday events, head to PokerStars.


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