Top NY Lawmaker Gary Pretlaw Pushes for Legal Online Poker

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For the last two years there have been positive steps towards legalizing online poker in the state of New York and Assembleyman Gary Pretlow made another one this weekend.

Pretlow was massively optimistic about legal online poker in an interview with FiOS1 on Saturday.

The lawmaker recently completed a tour of New Jersey’s online poker infrastructure and was impressed with what he saw in terms of both security and poker’s classification as a game of skill.

The end result was Pretlow introducing a new bill to the Assembly this month. The new bill would recognize poker as a game of skill.

Assembly Unlikely to Be An Obstacle

Pretlow is confident the bill will pass through the assembly with very little opposition.

j gary pretlow
Gary Pretlow

In addition all four brick-and-mortar casinos that recently opened in the state had no problem with online poker.

The bill is particularly notable since Pretlow originally had concerns about online poker in NY, even just last year, but it appears those concerns have been met.

Currently there are bills in both the Assembly and the NY Senate, which bodes well for the future of the game in the state. Sen. John Bonacic sponsored identical legisation in the Senate, which passed overwhelmingly to the tune of 53-5 last year.

Pretlow did mention in the interview, however, there are some legislators who are opposed to legalizing online poker, which could pose a problem.

New York, and its population of 20 million people, could be a landmark win for online poker in the USA and would instantly become the single-biggest regulated market in the country.

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