Top Five Nearby Spas for Unwinding During the Battle of Malta

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Top Five Nearby Spas for Unwinding During the Battle of Malta

One of the less-appreciated but key things you need to succeed in a long poker tournament is a state of relaxation in both body and mind.

Getting some exercise definitely helps but there's nothing quite like a massage, sauna or bath to ease yourself off the adrenaline high of a big pot or prepare you for a long day.

In short: the spa is the best option to unwind from stress and maintain your relaxed state either before or after the cards hit the air.

Thankfully the Portomaso Casino and Hilton Hotel, where the 2014 Battle of Malta festival will be held, is very close to five of the best spas on the island.

Myoka Five Senses Spa (Hilton Hotel)

Royal Hamman Myoka Spa Hilton

This spa is located right at Hilton Hotel so if you bought a Battle of Malta package you can go directly from your room straight to the spa without even going outdoors.

The massage list is very extensive; you'll find all the traditional options right up to the most sophisticated massages available. They can last a minimum of 40 minutes or maximum of 2 hours.

The average cost for a massage is about €100 but the price-quality ratio is excellent; you won't be disappointed.

If you're looking for relaxing baths or facial treatments this is also your place to go with traditional saunas and Turkish baths (Hamman).

Telephone No: (­00356) 2137 0194

Hotel Ext.: 3431

Fortina Spa Resort (Fortina Hotel)


This is another of the better spas on the island and although is not as close as the Hilton it's just five minutes by car from the casino. It's located in Sliema, very close to Tigne Point shopping center.

Fortina offers almost all massages or relaxing baths that you can think of with very competitive prices. The simplest costs €35 while the most sophisticated will run you €80.

They also have therapeutic baths and facial treatments. If you need something more intense this spa has a physiotherapy center run by one the best professionals on the island, Alan Zammit.

This spa is open daily and you can book the treatments with short notice.

Telephone No: (00356) 2346 2149

Carismaspa (Intercontinental Hotel)


Just a short walk from the casino you'll find Carismspa at the Intercontinental Hotel in Paceville.

It's also an excellent spot where you can enjoy different Hamman programs, massages and special treatments that will surprise you.

There are massages for everybody at prices from €55 to €159. The massage list is extensive and covers all the latest trends.

Don't forget to check for deals as they often offer special prices that are very competitive. As always, book your treatment in advance to not waste your time.

Telephone No: (00356) 2376 5524

Le Meridien St. Julian's Hotel & Spa

spa pool le meridian

This spa of Le Meridien Hotel, located at Balluta Bay, is one of the best options and just a 10-minute walk from the casino. It's also on the coast so you can enjoy a nice walk on the promenade to get there.

This spa belongs to Myoka Spa, the same as at Hilton Hotel. You'll find the treatments and massages we mentioned for the Hilton above.

Telephone No: (00356) 2311 2360

Golden Tulip Spa (Vivaldi Hotel)

Golden Tulip Vivaldi Indoor Pool

This is one of the best business/leisure hotels in Malta and is located in St. Julian's, very close to the casino.

Although the selection isn't quite as big as the other spas mentioned you can still find plenty of traditional massages and facial treatments. The spa also has an indoor pool and sauna.

Telephone No: (00356) 2137 8100


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