Top 5 Reasons You Should Play the Next MTOPS on Full Tilt Poker

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MTOPS is designed to give micro-stakes players the chance to win big.

The Micro Turbo Online Poker Series on Full Tilt Poker recently wrapped and after playing a few events ourselves, we bring you the top five reasons you should play the next MTOPS.

With 75 events and $1 million in guaranteed prizes, MTOPS is a great way for beginner and micro-stakes players to give themselves a chance of winning some serious cash.

Keep reading for the five biggest reasons you should give it a shot.

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#5: Fun, Casual Atmosphere

It’s not like online poker tournaments are the most formal events on the planet but the low buy-ins and big prizes make the MTOPS atmosphere especially social.

Two of our PokerListings editors took part in the action and chatting with other low-stakes and beginner players from around the world was a big part of why the event was so much fun.

Online poker has a reputation for being antisocial but it’s not every day you’re sat around the table with eight other players from usually as many different countries.

The online poker demographic is extremely varied and you could just as easily find yourself in a conversation with a businessman from Germany or a university student from Brazil.

Sure, you’ll have to put up with the ubiquitous chat-box trash-talk, but it’s worth it.

4: Low Buy-Ins, Huge Prizes

The most obvious reason for micro-stakes players to get in on the MTOPS action is the massive guarantee.

Most MTOPS tournaments had buy-ins between $2 and $5 and the entire 75-event series had a staggering $1 million guaranteed prize pool.

Gus Hansen

The Main Event had the biggest price tag of the series at $14 +$1 and boasted a huge half-million dollar guarantee. The series also featured 29 separate events with five-figure guaranteed prize pools.

#3: Freeroll, Pro Bounties and Extra Prizes

Full Tilt Poker came up with a lot of ways to add value to MTOPS and make it appealing to beginners.

The series kicked off with a $25,000 guaranteed freeroll and the extras continued with two special promotions and three pro bounty tournaments.

The top three spots on the MTOPS Leaderboard were all awarded with packages to Full Tilt’s higher buy-in tournament series.

WILDkizo came out on top and won $1,900 in FTOPS and MiniFTOPS buy-ins while players Lestat798 and Spancer28 won $1,300 in MiniFTOPS tickets.

The MTOPS Multi-Entry Challenge also awarded online tournament packages by rewarding players who were able to cash multiple times in the same events.

Jakapivo won the challenge to score $1,900 in tournament tickets while PSsk86 and Crock95 snagged the $1,300 packages.

#2: Cheap Mixed Game Tourney Experience

The MTOPS schedule goes way beyond just Hold’em and with affordable buy-ins it’s the perfect opportunity for new players to get some experience in games like Razz, Stud and Omaha.

The schedule also includes mixed-game events like 10-game which will give beginners a taste of lesser-known games like 2-7 Draw Lowball, Badugi and plenty of split-pot games.

MTOPS also includes innovative new tournament structures like the Escalator, a Hold’em event in which the blinds increase as the tournament progresses, putting more play at the end of the event where it matters more.

#1: Custom FTP Schwag to Flaunt at Your Home Game

Perry Friedman
No more braiding Full Tilt's logo into your hair for you!

It wasn’t long ago that wearing Full Tilt Poker gear to a casino or home game was in extremely poor taste. Think Black Friday, millions of dollars of player funds locked up.

But since PokerStars stepped in and saved the day it’s now perfectly acceptable to sport Full Tilt hats, hoodies, jerseys and custom jackets. Don’t let anyone tell you different. It’s perfectly acceptable.

During MTOPS every player who makes a final table receives an exclusive t-shirt, and every MTOPS winner receives an MTOPS jacket and custom online avatar.

These pieces of schwag will tell the world, “I’m a talented online poker player.” Then you just have to sit back and wait for the success to roll in.


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Jakapivo 2014-03-16 22:03:36

MTOPS is awesome. Great chance for amateurs or semi-pro players improve your game.

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