Top 5 Online Tells

If you think tells are non-existent in online poker, you better think again - I use them almost every time I play.

When you play poker for a living, you must take advantage of these important aspects as it will most likely add to your profit each month.

Let's talk about the following tells and how you can use them to exploit the players at your table.

  1. Fast Check
  2. Wait and Bet
  3. Betting Patterns
  4. Fast Bet
  5. Telling You Their Hand

Fast Check

This is my favorite online poker tell. When a player instantly checks, he has probably clicked the "auto-check" tool featured in all online rooms. This means that before you have even bet or checked, he was planning on checking.

Most of the time, you'll be able to steal the pot with a reasonable bet. However, some players might try to use this tell against you so you should be careful with it.

Wait and Bet

When a player waits and bets, he usually has a legit hand and is probably thinking of how much to bet which almost always results in the timer running slightly slower than normal. You'll notice this if you pay close attention to the time a player takes to bet.

If they wait a long time and check instead of bet, they are usually trying to make you think they have a hand. If that's the case, you can probably take the pot right there.

Betting Patterns

Betting patterns are extremely valuable in any variation of poker. You always want to figure out how each player bets when he has a hand. Most players will give away their cards simply by betting different amounts.

For example, if a player raises $50 pre-flop and then only bets small on the flop, he's almost always weak. Notice how hard players raise their aces as opposed to their jacks.

Fast Bet

When someone quickly bets, they're almost always trying to scare you. When I want someone to fold, I bet really fast. It shows them strength and is a very intimidating tactic to employ.

Telling You Their Hand

Players telling you their hand is a funny type of tell. I've figured out this tell from most of my friends telling me they were lying in the first place. It's also common sense.

According to one of my Hold'em rules, when a player tells you his hand without you asking, he's almost always giving away false information. Think about it.

Why would he tell you his hand if you didn't ask him? The reason he tells you is to get inside your head and make you think you folded the winner.

A majority of players simply don't care if they display tells, and those players who would normally care are simply unaware that they are giving off tells most of the time.

The most important thing you need to remember when spotting online tells is that they are not always flawless, meaning they won't work every single time. Regardless, you should pick up everything you think will assist you in gaining an edge over your opponents.

Use a poker odds calculator to hide your own online tells. It will make it harder for you opponents to get a read on you while getting all the poker odds calculated and presented automatically in an instant.

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