Top 100 earners heads new MarketPulse stats

Tom Dwan
Tom "durrrr" Dwan: Plays so high he creates his own level of running bad - the Dwanswong.

Plenty of big online poker action to report as usual this month, but first up is the addition of several new tracking reports to the MarketPulse section.

Filling out the original MarketPulse features - which include among others biggest pots won and a player search function profiling over 3.4 million online players - are eight new categories that lock up MarketPulse as the industry leader for online poker stats.

The new additions:

  1. Real-time lists of the Tom Dwan and Steve Sung.

    Antonius and pr1nnyraid in particular are all over the top 10, with several big sessions resulting in quite a few pots over $200k.

    Unfortunately for prinnyraid, he was on the losing end of the two biggest, for

    $370k# and
    respectively - the $438k pot also being the third-biggest online so far this year.

    Click on the dollar values to see a graphic replay of the hand histories, or visit the biggest pots page for the complete list.

    Online Traffic Report

    Given the focus on the here.

    Average Pot Size

    Juicy games were also the order of the month at both Full Tilt and page.

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