Tony G triumphant at Moscow Millions

Can you feel my power, baby?

"Send more Russians" can once again be the rallying call of infamous poker pro Tony G.

The loud-mouthed Tony G beat all challengers and won the largest part of the prize pool, which exceeded $500,000, making it easily the biggest payout for a single poker event in Russia.

Ironically, Tony G is known for his berating of Russian poker pro Ralph Perry during the Intercontinental Poker Championship. Tony G managed to eliminate Perry when he somehow convinced him to go all-in with K-J. During the hand a number of memorable Tony G one liners were born including, "You're a champion. I'll send you back to Russia," "Bring the Russians on; I want more Russians, I'm here to get them all," and finally "Get on your bike and go."

A commentator at the time said, "Tony G could singlehandedly reignite the cold war."

After his win at the Inaugural Moscow Millions, Tony G's fans can't be blamed for wondering if he really does play better against Russians.

The Moscow Millions was a two-day event that had players starting with $25,000 in chips and 90-minute levels. Tony G had nothing but good things to say about the final-table structure.

"The structure was better than the WSOP main event. We had two dealers at the final table so that the next hand was shuffled and ready to go and we had tons of hands at the final table.

Tony G won a gold bracelet and $205,000 for coming in in first place. Amazingly, just after Tony G was awarded the money, he handed the it back to the tournament director (Rhys Jones) and instructed him to give it all to a Russian orphanage. Perhaps Tony G, one of the original bad boys of poker, is trying to get karma back on his side.

Despite the fact that the tournament's main sponsor pulled out prior to the event, organizers were delighted with the turnout and are optimistic the Moscow Millions will be one of the hottest poker tournaments in years to come.

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