Tom Dwan Makes Another $100k


Continuing his long grind back to even, Tom Dwan put another 1,209 hands in the books today, bringing himself $108k closer to even on the year.

Dwan’s session began at $40/$80 No-Limit Hold’em where he lost $22k over 104 hands. From there he bounced around from games and limits before settling at $25/$50 Pot-Limit Omaha.

The $25/$50 session lasted just 141 hands, over which Dwan lost another $28k. Stepping up to $200/$400 PLO, Dwan tried to grind back his losses over 649 hands, but only managed to lose another $12k.

Down around $73,000 on the day, Dwan returned to No-Limit Hold’em to play a $300/$600 heads-up session against his current rival DjAdi.

The three largest online pots of the day came from this 150 hand session, Dwan claiming all three.

The largest of the three pots, worth over $170k, got shipped to Dwan after he flopped a set of deuces. The money went all in after the board paired on the river turning Dwan’s set into a full house.

By the end of the heads up session, Dwan left with over $181k of DjAdi’s money, putting his final figure for the day at just over $108k profit. With this profit added to his yearly total, Dwan has brought his losses for the year down to $5.9 million.

Below are the three largest hands of the day, the rest can be found in MarketPulse.


Duece Duece never loose.



Every dog has his day.



Dwan take all three top spots.


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