Tom Dwan loses $300k to Gus Hansen

Tom Dwan
A bad run for Tom Dwan.

Gus Hansen seems to be on a roll, beating the infamous Tom "durrrr" Dwan heads-up just 24 hours after defeating Ilari "ziigmund" Sahamies.

Last night's bloodbath $500/$1,000 heads-up PLO session saw 18 pots worth over $100,000, and the largest pot of the night reached over $212,000.

When the dust finally settled, Hansen came out on top, having won over $600k of the $2 million in pots.

This setback, added to Dwan's losses from earlier this week, has crumbled the results of a once bright-looking month of March for the New Jersey Kid.

Meanwhile, in somewhat of a repeat performance from his heads-up session with ziigmund, Hansen managed to win five of the six largest pots of the session.

Perhaps these back-to-back wins will help silence the rumors that Hansen is a high-stakes fish.

Here's a replay of the four largest pots of the session:


Hansen had the goods

Hansen holds

The old suck-resuck

Hansen all-in preflop; who knows why

You can find more of this session's largest pots in our MarketPulse section.

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