To Call Him a Doormat is an Insult to All Doormats

Or is he?

When you lose a bet it's not all about the money.

It's more important to not be wrong, as a matter of fact.

Last week I wrote about how I lost a wager with my friend and roommate Pavan.

I lost £3,000 and that was a sum that hurt, too, besides being wrong.

Especially since I wasn't sure I actually was wrong.

Sort of Like an Intervention

No equal to British TV.

Pavan's girlfriend was happy and that was worth something because the level of harmony in our home greatly increased.

But the next week Pavan and I got into an argument again.

I have always loved British television - the best in the world. Period.

There was a trailer on BBC or Channel 4 for a reality show. It was called “Will He Stay or Go” or something like that.

It was about a person being treated badly in a relationship. Some of his or her best friends tried to persuade the person to leave the relationship.

Sort of like an intervention. Then the allegedly bad-behaving partner had a say and the doormat finally got to decide if he or she would stay or go.

Such a program is just my cup of tea and Pavan and I watched it with great amusement.

Just Go Home and Do the Dishes

One guy's two best friends and his brother came on the show and told amazing stories of how badly his girlfriend had behaved toward him.

To call him a doormat would be an insult to doormats.

A Player and a Mic
We've all seen brainwashed players.

Then his girlfriend came on and berated him for five straight minutes. Basically that he was worth nothing, should just shut up and go home and do the dishes.

The big moment arrived. He was about to decide if he wanted to continue being a doormat after being completely ridiculed on national television.

But first there was a commercial break. Pavan said that there was no chance in hell that he would stay.

It sure looked like he would leave. It was the only reasonable move to make.

But I have seen brainwashed people before. It's quite common at the poker table.

People being grinded down to minced meat but still think they're a favorite in the game. That they can win if they just get the perfect flop.

People Usually Go Back to the Norm

The guy looked like he had no spine left. He hunched and turned his shoulders inwards.

Still it was not comprehensible to think that he would even consider staying after the abuse he had just received.

He looked like he had a hard decision to make and people usually go back to the norm in such instances.

In his case it would be to fold, of course. All of a sudden I found myself in another heated argument with Pavan.

Right or left?

The guy would choose by going through a door. The door to the left to stay and the door to the right to leave.

All of a sudden I remembered the trailer where I had seen him choosing the door to the left.

He was staying. I told Pavan so, and why I knew, but he didn't listen.

He wanted to make a bet. A big bet.

The Doormat Hesitated

I doubted myself. Maybe I remembered wrong? Maybe he picked the door to the right after all?

It was almost unthinkable that he would stay. Pavan smelled blood and didn't back down.

So we ended up having a friendly bet of the not-so-friendly sum of £3,000. The same sum I lost the week before.

The commercial break ended. It was time for the decision.

The doormat hesitated. The fire-breathing dragon went to the left door and opened it for him.

The doormat's friends told him to go right. He took half a step in that direction.

Ken Lennaard
Harmony never returned.

The fire-breathing dragon barked and pointed through the open left door and ordered him to go through it.

The Harmony Never Returned

The doormat obeyed. His brother and friends were in shock. The presenter was in worse shock.

But Pavan was in the worst state of mind of them all. He just stared at the telly, eyes popping out and mouth firmly placed in his chest.

I laughed. I kept on laughing for several minutes.

Pavan's girlfriend came into the living room and wanted to know what the fuss was all about.

The harmony never returned to our home after Pavan told her.

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