Titan spreads cash en route to billionth hand

Gotta Get that Paper, Dog

The race is on at Titan Poker to reach the billionth hand and for players to get a piece of the $350,000 in cash the poker site is giving away during milestone hands.

The countdown began when the 950 millionth hand was dealt last week and the players in the hand were awarded hundreds of dollars.

Now Titan Poker will be awarding cash during every 200,000th hand on its way to the one billionth. According to the poker site, players have a daily chance to hit a "winning hand" and claim their share of the cash.

Every 200,00th hand, the winner of the hand plus the players involved in the hand will split a cash prize. The prizes are split as follows:

Table Stake Winner gets Participants split
Micro $65 $65
Low $250 $250
Med $1,000 $1,000
High $3,500 $3,500

There will also be a simultaneous countdown for every five millionth hand as well, where players can win up to $14,000. These Jackpot hands will award the winner of the hand and the participants just like the other countdown hands.

The prizes are split as follows:

Table Stake Winner takes Participants split
Micro $250 $250
Low $1,000 $1,000
Med $4,000 $4,000
High $14,000 $14,000

The winners of the Jackpot hands will also receive tickets to the upcoming European Championship of Online Poker.


If the milestone hand is played in a Pot-Limit or No-Limit Hold'em game or Seven- or Five-Card Stud, the winner will earn a ticket in Event 3 of the ECOOP. That ticket is worth $310. Players who hit a milestone hand while playing in a Limit Hold'em game will receive a ticket to Event 7, worth $268. Omaha-playing winners will receive a ticket to Event 9 worth $268, and Omaha Hi-Lo winners will get a $109 ticket to Event 2 of the ECOOP.

Players at Titan Poker can check out the progress of the Billionth Hand countdown by logging into the poker site. Titan Poker publishes the hand number currently being played.

Players will also be immediately informed when they start to play on a winning hand.

The ECOOP II begins play at the end of the month, giving players even more chances to win some extra cash. Through 10 days of play, Titan Poker is offering up $3.6 million in guaranteed prize pools during the series.

The online poker site is also a great gateway to live tournaments. Titan Poker will be sending players to the 2008 World Series of Poker and the Asian Poker Tour in Manila. Players from the poker site have already taken on European Poker Tour and World Poker Tour events as well as the Aussie Millions this year.

For more information about these and many other poker opportunities at the poker site, visit Titan Poker.

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