Titan Poker to shell out $30k

The Spoils of War

Titan Poker is awarding VIP players more than $30,000 in prizes as part of its June Challenge promotion.

The promotion started June 16 and will run through June 25, during which time players can qualify for Titan Poker's $30,000 Challenge Freeroll taking place June 27.

There are two ways to qualify. The first path is for players to accumulate at least 1,000 Titan Poker Points during any six days during the June Challenge.

The second way to qualify is to earn at least 7,000 points in total over the entire 10 days of the promotion.

The promotion is open to Titan Poker VIP players who are Silver level and higher.


"Our VIP players are extremely important to us, and we are constantly searching for new ways to offer unrivaled benefits to the loyal members of our VIP program," said a Titan Poker spokesman.

This is the second consecutive month Titan Poker has offered a promotion of this magnitude for its VIP club. Las month, VIP Silver players and higher were able to take part in daily races over a 10-day period for a share of an extra $30,000 in prizes.

So what does it take to become a VIP member at Titan Poker? All new players at the poker site start at the Bronze level of the VIP ladder. As they begin to earn Titan poker Points at ring games and tournaments, they can qualify to be upgraded to higher levels.

The VIP levels are assigned based on players' points averages over the previous three month playing period. They are set as follows:

  • Bronze: All new players
  • Silver: 2,000 average points
  • Gold: 6,000 average points
  • Platinum: 12,500 average points
  • Titanium: 25,000 average points
  • Diamond: 60,000 average points

There are also plenty of perks to being a VIP member aside from the June Challenge and other special promotions at Titan Poker. Freerolls, cash bonuses, faster point accumulation and other perks are handed out to VIP members on a regular basis.

For more information on these and other promotions at the poker site, visit Titan Poker.

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