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This is clearly not a Porsche Cayman S. But it is a car, which might get you excited.

Titan Poker is known for its big time promotions, and their new World Challenge Series is definitely no exception. The top prize, among $150,000 in guaranteed payouts: a Porsche Cayman S sports car.

Even better for those involved, only 50 players will share in the spoils at the Titan Poker World Challenge main event, planned for the end of December 2007.

Here's how it works: To qualify for the main event, players must first compete in country qualifier leagues.

Thirty leagues will host weekly $5+50¢ buy-in tournaments, beginning July 1 and running over 12 weeks until Sept. 30.

The top players at the country qualifiers advance to 10 regional qualifier leagues, each staging weekly $10+$1 tournaments from Oct. 1 - Dec. 10. Only players who qualify at the country qualifiers are eligible to participate in the regional qualifier tournaments.

Five seats to the main event will then be awarded by each regional league, with only 50 players total advancing.

All 50 participating players in the main event will then finish in the money, with spots 2-50 sharing in a $50,000 guaranteed prize pool and the winner be crowned Titan Poker World Champion and receiving either $100,000 in cash or a Porsche Cayman S sports car.

For all the details, visit Titan Poker.

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