Titan Poker pays out another $100,000 from Fort Knox

The original Fort Knox was designed to keep money in. Titan Poker's Fort Knox Jackpot Sit and Go tournaments can't keep it from pouring out, as French player Remy Elkoubi turned a tournament-winning straight flush on October 20 into another $100,000 payout.

Buy-ins for the Fort Knox Jackpot Sit and Go's are $50 + $9, and the $50,000 jackpot goes up $10,000 each week if no player wins enough consecutive tournaments (6) to take the prize. Elkoubi (nickname BENNYKING), from Marseilles, could hardly believe it when his straight flush arrived at the end of tournament six.

"I had tried to win this jackpot a few times, but I never had any success until this beautiful day," he said. "I will remember this day for all of my life. I can barely recall the final game as I was under so much pressure -- but I remember the last hand. I won the jackpot with the most beautiful hand -- a straight flush. I never believed that I could win this prize"

Elkoubi, who has been playing at Titan for less than a year, is the fifth player to win the Fort Knox Jackpot in the past few months. In July, Guy Meridjen, also from France, took home $100,000. In April, Derrick Morin from Canada, Richard Stringer from the United Kingdom and Joseph Dulaney from Texas all won the Grand Prize.

For more information about the Fort Knox Jackpot Sit and Go and Titan Poker's weekly freerolls, visit Titanpoker.com

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