Titan Poker jackpot hits quarter million

The Money

Titan Poker fully recognizes that being a consistently good poker player is not always easy to do. That's why the poker site is rewarding consistency with a potential $250,000 Jackpot Prize.

Any player who wins six consecutive Fort Knox sit-and-go tournaments will receive that prize.

The Fort Knox tournaments cost $50-$9 to play, with the progressive jackpot starting at $50,000.

Each week, the Jackpot Prize will gain another $10,000 if nobody manages to meet the six, consecutive games requirement to claim the prize.

It may seem like a daunting task, but it is doable. Twelve players have won previous Fort Knox Jackpot prizes. One of which was Remy Elkoubi from Marseille, France, last November when he hit a straight flush to earn his sixth win and $100,000.

"I had tried to win this jackpot a few times, but I never had any success until this beautiful day," Elkoubi said. "I remember the last hand - a straight flush. A straight flush that earned me $100,000. I never believed that I could win this prize, but the reality was different; the Fort Knox is not impossible."

Other winners include Guy Meridjen from France who took home a $100,000 jackpot last year, as well as Derrick Morin from Canada, Richard Stringer from the United Kingdom and Joseph Dulaney from Texas.

The $250k jackpot will be the highest jackpot prize ever offered at Time Winding Down on titan Main Event Satellites

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