Titan Poker ECOOP: wllkllu wins main event

The Spoils of War

Player wllkllu won the $1 million guaranteed Titan Poker European Championship of Online Poker (ECOOP) main event.

The $1,000+$60 No-Limit Texas Hold'em tournament attracted 992 players, meaning Titan Poker had to come up with $8,000 to match the guarantee.

Play had gone on for over 12 hours by the time it came down to heads-up action between wllkllu and Thi555555.

The two players were very much aware of the fact that the difference in prize money between first and second place was $100,000.


"gg. hu for crazy money," wllkllu wrote in the chat.

"yep," Thi55555 replied.

Thi555555 was chip leader when the final battle started, but it only took wllkllu about half an hour to turn things around and become 2007 ECOOP champion.

wllkllu made trip eights in the final hand to seal the deal, and win the $220,000 first prize. Thi555555 consequently had to settle for $120,000.

The Top 10 players were:

Place Name Prize
1st wllkllu $220,000
2nd Thi55555 $120,000
3rd shaffAA $80,000
4th AKMALAK $60,000
5th Rudan $50,000
6th Shejky $40,000
7th 7bratov $30,000
8th PoKerArt1 $20,000
9th folter $14,000
10th JonnyTCash $11,000

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