Titan Poker ECOOP under way

Empire Casino, London

Friday marked the beginning of the Titan Poker European Championship of Online Poker. With 10 days of poker scheduled, the fun is just beginning as the results of the first three events have been released.

Event 1

The first event of the series was the $200+$15 No-Limit Hold'em event on Friday. With a $150,000 guaranteed prize pool, 1,049 players were eager to take a shot, creating an actual prize pool of $209,800.

The player who took home the biggest chunk of that was majstorex. The Top 10 players were:

Place Name Prize
1st majstorex $44,058
2nd Donkaments $23,078
3rd jessica86 $16,784
4th wasolexxx $12,588
5th Blussky $10,490
6th Playboy12 $8,392
7th bearbeer $6,294
8th cesarionII $4,196
9th ChipSilo $2,937.20
10th benito86 $2,098

Event 2

Saturday brought out the Omaha Hi-Lo players for Event 2. The event had a $100+$9 buy-in and saw 540 players come out to vie for the $100,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Topping them all was BSinclar for the $23,000 first-place prize. The Top 10 players were:

Place Name Prize
1st BSinclar $23,000
2nd PJBACES $12,500
3rd cindy74 $8,000
4th Balaganov2 $6,000
5th No2Bookie $5,000
6th yz2a $4,000
7th cadopiaaa $3,000
8th MARKENNENKZ $2,000
9th mannmannmann $1,400
10th meteorit $1,100

Event 3

More No-Limit Hold'em was on the menu for Sunday as the $250+$18 event got under way with its $350,000 guaranteed prize pool. The 1,491 players who were hungry for a piece of that price helped boost the prize pool up to $372,750.

Addict1968 took the top spot for a $78,277.50 payday. The Top 10 players were:

Place Name Prize
1st Addict1968 $7,8277.50
2nd antroff $41,002.50
3rd bigpat60 $29,820
4th pinozaurus $22,365
5th ChelseaIan $18,637.50
6th foggen $14,910
7th Dnors47 $11,182.50
8th faucon666 $7,455
9th VicMakey $5,218.50
10th momoski74 $3,727.50

Stay tuned to PokerListings.com as more results roll in this week. You can also join in the fun with today's event, the $750+$50 No-Limit Hold'em event with a $200,000 guarantee.

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