Titan Poker deals Billionth Hand

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The countdown to the Billionth Hand at Titan Poker finally ended last week as a player from Finland got the top award.

On May 27 wootrigged was the lucky recipient of $55,000 after winning the hand numbered one billion at Titan Poker. The other five players at his table received $5,000 each as well for participating.

Titan Poker launched the Billionth Hand promotion several weeks ago and has since awarded more than $420,000 in prizes.

The countdown started when the 950,000,000th hand was dealt. The poker site awarded cash to players in certain monumental hands as the number continued to climb toward one billion.


Players were able to track the progress of the countdown by logging in to Titan Poker or just visiting the Web site. Players on the site were immediately informed when they started to play in a milestone hand that awarded them extra cash.

Just because the Billionth Hand promotion has wrapped up doesn't mean Titan Poker is without special promotions for players.

The poker site regularly awards players with big cash prizes and seats in major events around the world. Titan Poker recently hosted the European Championship of Online Poker that guaranteed more than $3 million in prize pools. The Titan Poker Loyalty Race also saw $10,000 dished out to players.

Currently, players can win World Series of Poker prize packages from Titan Poker, or seats in the Asian Poker Tour Macau event coming up in August.

For more information about these and other promotions, visit Titan Poker.

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