Titan Poker adds new features to Poker Points system

Titan Poker has announced it has added a slew of new features to its recently launched Titan Poker Points program. The innovative and unique player points system has been updated in the following areas: keeping track of poker points; viewing account balances, including Titan Poker Points and Pending Bonus Points; issuing bonuses automatically; and adding deposits automatically.

Titan Poker has made keeping track of points much easier by allowing players to see their points accumulating as they play hands in ring games. Players must simply look near their name at the table to see their latest point count at that table. Points will increase with each raked hand a player participates in.

Players can view their account status by clicking on the "My Account" button at the bottom of the Titan Poker software. A new window containing details of available funding will appear, including information regarding the player's Titan Points Balance (the number of points accumulated since the introduction of this feature) and Pending Bonus Dollars (the amount of bonus dollars a player is entitled to receive).

Bonuses will be automatically issued in $10 increments for every 1,000 points a player earns. The $10 will be redeemed from the player's Pending Bonus Dollars account and converted into real money.

When a player makes a first deposit, the amount of the deposit is added to their Pending Bonus Dollars automatically. This bonus will be redeemed as the player earns points. During Reload Bonus promotion periods, additional deposits entitle players to additional bonuses, and these amounts are added to the Pending Bonus Dollars account automatically.

Please see Titan Poker for further details.

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