Timosy wins Bodog.com's $100,000 Sunday Guarantee

Bodog.com's $100,000 Sunday Guarantee saw a rise in entrants this weekend when player timosy defeated 881 opponents to win $25,000 in prize money. Last week, only 828 people played in the tournament.

With less than a thousand entrants, Bodog.com still had to put up some cash to match the $100,000 guarantee, and the overlay for the tournament was $11,800.

Timosy made the most of this nice opportunity to win a substantial amount of money. He played solid poker throughout the tournament, and single-handedly knocked out his last three remaining rivals.

In the final hand, timosy flopped a pair of nines, and eliminated the_kid11 who moved all-in on the flop with two overcards and the nut-flush draw. No help came for the_kid11 on the turn or river, and timosy had won Bodog.com's $100,000 Sunday Guarantee.

Final table results were as follows:

1sttimosy $25,000
2nd the_kid11 $14,000
3rd RIPlayer2008 $9,000
4th DannyOhBoy $6,500
5th eej33 $5,400
6th RiverRun007 $4,400
7th muckanut $3,400
8th RuSsBuSteR $2,400
9th CAnSive $1,550

NOTE: Player Capsocool, who finished in third place last week, and won Bodog.com's $100,000 guaranteed two weeks ago, almost made it to the final table again. Capsocool finished in 15th place, winning $1,000, for a total of $35,000 over the last three weeks.

Bodog.com's Sunday Guarantee is played every Sunday at 4 p.m. (EST). The buy-in for the tournament is $100 + $9, but satellites costing as little as $1 run daily.

For more information, visit Bodog.com.

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