Timex Bubbles, EPT Madrid Final Table Set

Mike "Timex" McDonald (Photo credit: Neil Stoddart for PokerStars Blog)

Mike “Timex” McDonald narrowly missed yet another chance to become the first two-time EPT winner as the PokerStars EPT Madrid main event reached the final table today.

As the most recent European Poker Tour event played down to the final eight on the outskirts of the Spanish capital, McDonald was busy recording yet another deep EPT run.

McDonald won EPT Dortmund in 2008 and final-tabled the same event one year later. He also made the final table at EPT Deauville in 2010 and has a total of seven top 20 finishes in European Poker Tour main events.

But in the end it was McDonald’s elimination that called a halt to today’s action, the remaining eight players returning tomorrow to play down to a winner.

Sole Spaniard Leads Final Table

Leading the final eight is Spain’s Ricardo Ibanez who, by all accounts, rode a wave of good fortune to his current position as chip leader.

A 34-year-old welder from Leon, Ibanez is the only Spanish player at the table, somewhat surprisingly since roughly 25 percent of the starting field was from Spain.

“I follow my heart, not my head,” said Ibanez after the day was complete.

Second in chips is Scotland's Fraser MacIntyre, a poker veteran of 20 years who runs a pub and nightclub in his home town of Ayr. MacIntyre qualified for this tournament through PokerStars.com and is now guaranteed at least €48,000.

Nicholas Levi
This is Nicolas Levi's third EPT final table.

Heading into the final table in third is one of the most decorated players at the final table, Denmark’s Frederik Jensen.

The Dane has over $1.44 million in live tournament earnings, highlighted by a runner-up finish at the 2010 Aussie Millions main event.

Two of the most noteworthy names at tomorrow’s final are both French.

Legendary French rapper Bruno “Kool Shen” Lopes is sitting in fifth, and three-time EPT final tablist Nicolas Levi is in eighth.

Here are the official chip counts for this year’s EPT Madrid final table:

  • 1. Ricardo Ibañez - 3,216,000
  • 2. Fraser Macintyre - 2,473,000
  • 3. Frederik Jensen - 2,144,000
  • 4. Andrei Stoenescu - 1,974,000
  • 5. Bruno Lopes - 1,452,000
  • 6. Ilan Boujenah - 1,382,000
  • 7. Jason Duval - 963,000
  • 8. Nicolas Levi - 709,000
Tristan Clemencon
Tristan Clemencon

Timex Last on List of Busted

Mike McDonald was the final elimination that set tomorrow’s final table but he was by no means the only familiar face who was forced out the exit today in Madrid.

McDonald’s final hand was a flip against Romanian Andrei Stoenescu, pocket tens against A-K.

The flop hit both players hard, coming Q-J-T to give Stoenescu broadway and McDonald a set.

Timex needed the board to pair or running cards for a chop but got neither.

Preceding McDonald out the door was Frenchman Tristan Clemencon who went out in 11th.

Clemencon got it in preflop with A-5 against Ricardo Ibanez’s 6-7 and watched the flop come down A-9-6. Ibanez then went runner-runner 8-T to make the straight and send Clemencon home.

Yesterday’s chip leader Juan Navarrete made it to 12th place before going broke and California pro Taylor Paur went bust in 13th.

The final table will play out in Madrid tomorrow so keep an eye on our Poker News Section for an update on the winner.

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