Tight final table set at the L.A. Poker Classic

Paul Wasicka

The final table of the L.A. Poker Classic has been set, and it looks like it will be a tough and exciting conclusion to the World Poker Tour (WPT) event. The six remaining players are fairly even matched, and everyone left has a decent chance of winning the tournament and taking home $2,429,970 in prize money.

J.C. Tran came in to Day 5 as a major chip leader, and he still tops the field, but with a much narrower lead. Tran has $3.47 million in chips while Paul Wasicka in second place has $3.39 million, and Jacobo Fernandez in third has $3.37 million.

None of the other three players are desperately short-stacked, so even though the blinds are very high there is still room to play some poker. Of course, you can follow all the action here at PokerListings.com in our Live Tournament Section.

Of the twelve players that were knocked out on Day 5, Bill Edler came closest to making the final table. Edler was eliminated in 7th place on a "good beat," when J.C. Tran flopped the nut flush holding Ah-Ks to beat Edler's 4c-3h.

The last remaining woman in the field, Kristy Gazes, was knocked out in 16th place. She was all-in pre-flop with Ac-Jd against David Bach's Kd-Td, and was on the verge of doubling up when a king on the river sealed her fate.

Otherwise, the most exciting play of the day was made by J.C. Tran in a pot against Ben Johnson. With the board showing Ac-8s-3d, Tran bet $155,000. Johnson raised to $400,000 only to be re-raised another $400,000 by Tran.

Johnson pondered the situation for about ten minutes and finally laid his hand down. As Tran collected the huge pot he flipped over Qs-Th and revealed his stone-cold bluff.

The final table that will start at 5 p.m. (PST). Here are the seating positions and chip counts:

Seat 1Jacobo Fernandez$3,370,000
Seat 2 Chau Giang $1,370,000
Seat 3 Paul Wasicka $3,390,000
Seat 4 J.C. Tran $3,470,000
Seat 5 David Bach $2,070,000
Seat 6 Eric Hershler $2,160,000

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