Thun-durrrrstruck, LarsLoses

Tom Dwan

Tom "durrrr" Dwan's back in the saddle, catching LarsLuzak running a bluff for a pot of over $400,000. The durrrrnament challenge forum buzz will be all over this hand.

Earlier today, on a table of $500-$1,000 No-Limit, Patrik Antonius, LarsLuzak and durrrr were locked in an epic battle. Now, the dynamic of this specific hand might feel kind of strange for people familiar with these players' style of play and the way they play against each other.

What may account for that is that durrrr is in the middle of the worst losing streak he's ever had. All poker players go through it, and his streak isn't even the worst ever seen; it's just the worst he's ever experienced.

When a player is losing a lot, and feels as if he just can't win, typically he rocks up and becomes more tight-passive.

This bluff was probably a situation where LarsLuzak felt that the unconnected board, his high-card ace and the way durrrr played the hand, combined with durrrr's feeling of poker helplessness, would amount to durrrr folding for an all-in bluff on the river.

Unfortunately for LarsLuzak, it didn't exactly play out as he had hoped.

Click the icon to watch the hand play out, or read the history below.

Game: $500/$1,000 - Hold'em Table: GusHeaven (six-max) Players: durrrr, LarsLuzak Date: Jan. 24, 2009 11:51:09 ET Hand ID: 10223584760

Table Setup
durrrr Seat 4 Stack size: $223,280
LarsLuzak Seat 5 Stack size: $225,749
Patrik Antonius Seat 6 Stack size: $9,635
Patrik Antonius is sitting out
durrrr posts big blind of $1,000
LarsLuzak posts small blind of $500


Dealing down cards
LarsLuzak raises $2,500
durrrr raises $8,000
LarsLuzak raises $25,000
durrrr calls $19,000

Flop [3 9 Q]
durrrr checks
LarsLuzak checks

Turn 3 9 Q [K]
durrrr checks
LarsLuzak bets $31,600
durrrr calls $31,600

River 3 9 Q K [5]
durrrr checks
LarsLuzak bets $166,149
durrrr calls $163,680
LarsLuzak shows 6 A
durrrr shows Q 5
durrrr wins $446,559

durrrr flops top pair, weak kicker. Either he is planning to set up a play in which LarsLuzak puts him on nothing and bluffs at the pot, or he's planning on check-raising the flop. Either way, LarsLuzak checks behind with nothing.

When durrrr checks the turn again, LarsLuzak now believes that durrrr has nothing. With durrrr's aggression, he typically will have bet holding any pair on this board. Lars bets; durrrr calls.

The river looks like a blank to Lars, and durrrr checks again, this time with his two pair. Lars feels that durrrr has nothing strong enough to make the call, and moves all-in. durrrr with two pair makes a snap-call for the pot.

The way this hand played out, there is a chance durrrr would have made the same call even if his five didn't come on the river. As long as the river wasn't an ace, durrrr may have called the same river bluff either way.

In my opinion, durrrr played this hand beautifully, maximizing his profit by letting his opponent take the lead on every street. It was a well-played hand, showing serious discipline and an impressive read on his opponent.

If you want to watch the fray yourself, download and sign up to full tilt, or head over to our MarketPulse section to keep an eye on the action.


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