Three more qualify for Tournament Titan

Spots in the Tournament Titan at Titan Poker are filling up fast. With three more players qualifying, there are now only five seats left in the 20 person tournament for a $1 million prize pool.

Ole Langvad, a player from Denmark nicknamed "Nuervitre" on the site, qualified by making the final table of the $7,500 GP tournament twice and making the final table of the $2,500 GP tournament.

"This is going to be great," Langvad told Titan Poker. "I would like to thank Titan Poker for letting ordinary players like me have the chance to win a huge prize."

Next to qualify was Sorel Mizzi from Canada. Mizzi, nicknamed "Imper1um," has been playing poker professionally for more than a year and a half now. He qualified by making the final table of the $7,500 GP twice and once in the $7,000 GP tournament.

"Poker has allowed me to travel extensively and do so many incredible things," Mizzi said. "I look forward to this tournament as another opportunity to continue to show the poker community what I'm capable of."

Jorge Pla, a player from Spain nicknamed "cuspide," filled the 15th spot in the tournament. He qualified by making the final tables of the $5,000 tournament and two of the $7,000 tournaments.

"I can't believe it yet, and I have no words to describe these feelings," Pla said. "The only thing I can recommend is to participate in the tournaments, as it is a unique experience - the one you feel when you play for a million dollars."

To qualify for the Tournament Titan, players must make three consecutive final table finishes in participating tournaments. The final tables can be at the same daily tournament over consecutive days or from three different tournaments.

The players who qualify for the tournament are guaranteed to win at least $25,000, and the winner will take home $200,000. A date for the Tournament Titan will be set once all 20 players have qualified.

For more information about the Tournament Titan and how to qualify, visit Titan Poker.

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