Thor Hansen: I Feel Stronger Than I Have in a Long Time

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Thor Hansen: Still defying the odds.

Two years ago Thor Hansen sat in agony in a Los Angeles hospital while a doctor told him he had terminal Stage 4 cancer and just months to live.

Two years (to the day, yesterday) and 110 chemotherapy sessions later, Hansen says he feels stronger than he has in a long time - and had a bit of brandy in his coffee to celebrate.

In a Facebook post yesterday Hansen recapped his harrowing day in 2012 when the doctor told him he had colon cancer that had metastasized to his lungs, liver and lymph nodes.

The doctor said had never seen anyone live more than two years with this type of cancer. A priest was even brought in to speak to him (Hansen said he's not a "believer" but took the "freeroll" anyway).

Today things look decidely different. And, Hansen says, he can proudly "give that doctor the finger."

Still Playing, Still Cashing

After moving back to Norway for treatment Hansen has not only recovered from the cancer and the draining chemotherapy he's even managed to play poker from his new home base in Oslo. His most recent cash, even, was just last week when he took 23rd in a HORSE event.

Hansen says it would "fill up a PC" to list all the names of people, young and old, who have helped him through but he thanks everyone for their support "in every way."

No player has meant more to the growth of poker in Norway over the past 15 years than Hansen and, at tournaments around the world, he's always been present with a warm smile and time for a chat.

The poker world can only hope Hansen will be a part of it for many years to come. See the full post by Hansen (in Norwegian) below:

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