Things get cheeky in Prop Bets tattoo wager

Gavin Smith & Joe Sebok

The latest example of degeneracy from poker pros Gavin Smith and Joe Sebok in their Internet TV series Prop Bets is sure to have a lasting impression. The episode posted this week features a last-longer wager that will see the loser tattoo the winner's initials on his booty.

The bet took place during the L.A. Poker Classic in February and, if you're read up on your live tournament coverage, it's looking like perpetual loser Smith might be having some trouble sitting through any lengthy tournaments these days.

Early in the episode on, Sebok's step-father, Barry Greenstein, weighed in on his son's recent wager.

"Putting a guy's name on your butt seems pretty stupid to me," he says. "It's not something I would be doing."

Fellow poker pro and friend Erick Lindgren wasn't as diplomatic.

"I just feel sorry for the tattoo artist," Lindgren said.

At the onset of the LAPC, Smith is optimistic that he has a fighting chance at ending what has become a continual losing streak on the show.

"One of use will for sure have an S on his ass," Smith tells the cameras. "The question is, whether it will be preceded with a G or a J."

Cameras go back and forth between Smith and Sebok at the tournament tables, and though the episode finishes in dramatic "to-be-continued" fashion, Smith's stack is looking pretty sickly.

Viewers should also be prepared for a potential cop out. tournament writer Owen Laukkanen reported rumblings around the LAPC of a $7,000 buyout clause that could prevent any skin from being inked.

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