THE_D_RY is tops at PokerStars Sunday Million

Danny Ryan

It's definitely not a drought for THE_D_RY, aka Danny Ryan, as the skilled online player helped himself to PokerStars Sunday Million for $189,997 this weekend.

Ryan has been on an incredible streak over the last two years that all began with a $750,000 guaranteed tournament on Full Tilt Poker. Ryan won the tournament and took down just over $46,000 for his efforts.

Since then Ryan has put together an impressive streak of tournaments, which includes second place in an FTOPS event for $170,000 (his biggest online score until this Sunday), first place in a $109+rebuys event on PokerStars for $37,000 and first place in the PokerStars $5,200 Freezeout for $75,000.


Known as an all-around nice guy, Ryan has also made the successful transition to live play with some tremendous success at the European Poker Tour. Ryan made the final table of EPT Copenhagen and finished fourth for $307,285. He also nearly made the final table of EPT Dortmund, coming in 10th.

Ryan outlasted 7,754 players this Sunday and then beat xfadomas666 to reign supreme at the PokerStars Sunday Million, which now carries a guarantee of $1.5 million.

It's worth noting that Ryan also cashed in Full Tilt Poker's biggest tournament on Sunday, the $750,000 guaranteed. Ryan came in 23rd and took down $2,775 to further pad his tournament stats.

Danny Ryan wasn't the only pro to make it good on PokerStars Sunday events as Team PokerStars Pro's Andre Akkari pulled off a victory at the Sunday 500. Surprisingly, his heads-up competition was none other than fellow Team PokerStars Pro member Gavin Griffin. Akkari managed to best Griffin this time around and took down $91,250 for his efforts, while Griffin received $66,450 for coming in second.

For his part, Griffin actually finished first in the $215 No-Limit 2-7 Single Draw event, but because there were 24 entrants he only received $2,250 for his win.

Finally, Chris "Moorman1" Moorman continued his incredible run in online poker by winning the PokerStars $109+rebuys No-Limit Hold'em event on Sunday for a very respectable $34,226.

Here's a look at the rest of the final-table results from PokerStars Sunday for Nov. 23:

PokerStars Sunday Million:




























Sunday Warm-Up (Three-Way Deal):

1.Cobus83 $93,819
2.Cassidy13 $56,314
3.fffffs $68,210
4.Trueblue333 $38,990
5.Kameleont $31,192
6.NewsKoooL $23,394
7.Powergolf $15,596
8.Mr n0madsen $9,747
9.IDOLLS $6,706

PokerStars $109+R ($300,000 guarantee):

1.SixthSenSe19 $65,250
2.wywrotX $46,980
3.lauraj $34,800
4.wmdbaker $26,100
5.TherookieQQ9 $18,270
6.Zpaceman $14,790
7.Tmay420 $11,310
8.toweliestar $7,830
9.Traumatize $4,906

PokerStars $215 NL 2-7 Single Draw:

1.GavinGriffin $2,250
2.PeakFactor $1,500
3.PearlJammer $750
4.kockar77 $500

PokerStars Sunday 500:

1.aakkari $91,250
2.GavinGriffin $66,450
3.imashokU $50,000
4.gboro780 $37,500
5.PokerNoob999 $26,250
6.Babooyah $21,250
7.BobbyFi $16,250
8.Taskenspillr $11,250
9.michaelsc $7,000

PokerStars $109+R:

1.Moorman1 $34,226
2.PokerStein72 $25,425
3.jpapola $18,669
4.backmanslivs $14,224
5.SOXFAN83 $9,956
6.Universe112 $7,734
7.BrainBusto $5,956
8.troster16 $4,178
9.IFiNishfish $3,022

PokerStars $215+R

1.Belabacsi $45,100
2.Numb Nutzzzz $33,000
3.fisheater111 $24,860
4.JasonGray $18,700
5.SixthSenSe19 $12,980
6.teddymel $9,900
7.rockets23 $7,700
8.mlagoo $5,500
9.nitbuster $3,850

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