THEDONKEYNO1 mules the table

Big pot for Newhizzle

The largest game running right now is the $200/$400 PL Omaha on Full Tilt. Out of all the pots on this table, THEDONKEYNO1 has been part of the three biggest.

Having won the two largest and lost the third, it's safe to say THEDONKEYNO1 is having a decent session on this table ... although his name might not be too far from the truth judging by the hands he's playing and how he's playing them.

Then again, he's trading $100k pots, while the rest of us hope to earn that much in two years of work. He might be on to something.

Here are details of the largest pot - you can watch it in our hand replayer here.


Game : 8652949663 TABLE : Eginton (six-max) $200/$400 - Pot-Limit Omaha Hi Sat Oct 25 2008 - 11:51am ET

Table Setup
Seat 1 THEDONKEYNO1 ($60,888)
Seat 3 BeepBeepImaJeep ($44,860)
Seat 5 1zzz1 ($12,696)
Seat 6 LarsLuzak ($66,487)
BeepBeepImaJeep posts the small blind of $200
1zzz1 posts the big blind of $400
The button is in seat #1

LarsLuzak raises to $1,400
THEDONKEYNO1 calls $1,400
BeepBeepImaJeep raises to $5,600
1zzz1 folds
LarsLuzak calls $4,200
THEDONKEYNO1 has 15 seconds left to act
THEDONKEYNO1 calls $4,200

Flop [5 8 J]
BeepBeepImaJeep has 15 seconds left to act
BeepBeepImaJeep checks
LarsLuzak bets $17,200
THEDONKEYNO1 has 15 seconds left to act
THEDONKEYNO1 raises to $55,288, and is all-in
BeepBeepImaJeep folds
LarsLuzak has 15 seconds left to act
LarsLuzak calls $38,088
THEDONKEYNO1 shows [5 6 2 5]
LarsLuzak shows [8 Q Q T]

Turn [5 8 J] [4]

River [5 8 J 4] [3]
THEDONKEYNO1 shows a straight, six-high
LarsLuzak shows a pair of queens
THEDONKEYNO1 wins the pot ($127,774) with a straight, six-high

LarsLuzak raises first to act with single suited queens. Not a bad hand for a four-handed table. THEDONKEYNO1 makes a standard, but loose, call with a very low-marginal hand. Because of the aggression on the table it was safe to assume that both the players had less than premium hands, thus the reraise by BeepBeep.

After Lars calls, THEDONKEYNO1 must have been playing implied odds, since his hand is absolutely not worth playing into a reraise pre-flop.

The flop gives THEDONKEYNO1 bottom set. Although this is a good flop for his hand, bottom set with no redraws (other than the house draw) is not exactly a very strong hand in PLO. It's not weak, but it's not the nuts.

THEDONKEYNO1 plays the hand as if it's Hold'em, putting too much stock moving all-in after Lars opens for the pot. Luckily for THEDONKEYNO 1 In this situation his hand was 75% to win; it turns out he is a monster. Out of all the hands Lars would have played like this, this is one of the very few THEDONKEYNO1 would be this far ahead of.

But it works out for him; Lars misses his 25%, shipping his stack to THEDONKEYNO1. Just another day at nosebleed online stakes.


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