The Sunday Scoop: Wins for shemandez, 3max, BAGSBAGSBAGSBAGS

Sunday Million FT 1 8 12
Over $1.5 million was up for grabs in this week's Sunday Million on

The second Sunday of 2012 is over with awarding over $2.65 million across its three biggest major online poker tournaments.

Guarantees were shattered in the Sunday Warm-Up, the Sunday Million and the Sunday 500 as thousands of poker players from around the world logged on for a shot at the biggest prizes in online poker.

And with the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in full swing in the Bahamas, many of the biggest names in the game were taking time off from live poker to play online from the Atlantis Hotel and Casino.

Shemandez Wins Sunday Million

The Sunday Million’s second incarnation of 2012 attracted 7,710 players. That’s up 5 percent from one week before and helped generate a total prize pool of $1,542,000.

According to the official payouts $231,300 was earmarked for the winner but thanks to a three-way deal, eventual champion shemandez from Russia took home $178,192.

When the deal was struck Mackkapackka of Australia was chip leader and took the biggest part of the deal, good for $178,079. The players left $20,000 on the table which ended up in shemandez’s pocket at game’s end with $160,298 going to third-place finisher dave798111, also from Australia.

Check out the full final table payouts from this week’s Sunday Million:

  • 1. shamandez (Russia) $178,192.36*
  • 2. Mackkapackka (Australia) $178,079.17*
  • 3. dave798111 (Australia) $160,298.47*
  • 4. @RXIDI@ (Greece) $77,716.80
  • 5. blablonae (Spain) $61,680.00
  • 6. A.A.KATALO (Russia) $46,260.00
  • 7. hoefi73 (Switzerland) $30,840.00
  • 8. 26071985 (United Kingdom) $17,733.00
  • 9. TheFish9999 (Netherlands) $11,950.50

* reflects the results of a three-way deal with $20,000 left on the table for first

Three-Way Deal Decides Sunday Warm-Up

Adam Levy
Adam "Roothlus" Levy almost made the final table of this week's Sunday Warm-Up.

Just like yesterday’s Sunday Million, the $215 buy-in Sunday warm-up was eventually decided by a three-way chop.

BAGSBAGSBAGSBAGS of Switzerland took the lion’s share of that deal, pocketing $91,043 and defeating crazylandd from Russia heads-up.

American pro Adam “Roothlus” Levy just missed the final table, finishing 11th for what must have been a disappointing $4,342.

Here are the full final table payouts for the Sunday Warm-Up, adjusted to reflect the three-way deal:

  • 1. BAGSBAGSBAGSBAGS (Switzerland) $91,043.18*
  • 2. crazyland (Russia) $81,773.19*
  • 3. NhFy (Sweden) $85,219.50*
  • 4. scarface2911 (United Kingdom) $41,618.50
  • 5. jaaaaaaack (United Kingdom) $30,761.50
  • 6. moneyinbag (Mexico) $23,523.50
  • 7. .i. prestige (Netherlands) $16,285.50
  • 8. Kedrila (Russia) $9,047.50
  • 9. Gry Dilling (Denmark) $5,790.40

Russia Takes Sunday 500

768 players coughed up the $530 buy-in to build a $384,000 prize pool in this week’s Sunday 500 on PokerStars.

After almost exactly 11 hours it was Russian player 3max alone in the winner’s circle with $69,120 to show for his effort. He defeated Guezmere of Israel heads-up who received $49,920.

Former MMA fighter and pro poker player Rami “arbianight” Boukai finished sixth for $15,513.

Here are the full final table payouts for this week’s Sunday 500:

  • 1. 3max (Russia) $69,120
  • 2. Guezmere (Israel) $49,920
  • 3. fish2013 (Belarus) $37,248
  • 4. jbrown8777 (Mexico) $27,840
  • 5. TIETYMM (Germany) $19,353
  • 6. arbianight (Mexico) $15,513.60
  • 7. Milana Jones (Russia) $11,673.60
  • 8. _paul€FauL_ (Germany) $7,872
  • 9. hunwei (Australia) $4,800
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