The Sunday Scoop: The SCOOP's The Thing


The 2011 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker kicked off Sunday, drawing huge fields and breaking guarantees at every level.

Event 1's High-Level $2,100 Six-Max Tournament got underway with 463 players creating a $926k prizepool, almost doubling the $500k guarantee.

Just 17 remain heading into the event's second day Monday with TheWakko on top. $185,200 awaits the winner.

The $215 Medium-Level Tournament drew 3,824 creating a $764,800 prizepool that outpaced its $500k guarantee. spielverderb leads with 20 left and $118,544 waiting for the winner.

Finally, the $22 Low-Level event drew a massive crowd of 19,946 players pushing past the $250k guarantee to create a $398,920 prizepool.

MrRepsak leads the final 13 hoping to cash in on the $48,520 reserved for first.

All three of these events will get going again on PokerStars at 10 a.m. ET.

The Low-Level of SCOOP's second event saw an amazing 25,883 drop $22 for a shot at a peice of the $250k guarantee-smashing $517,660 prizepool. Just 27 are left, but Russian mikiOpasniy has the lead in the chase for a $46,613.26 first-place prize.

The Medium-Level $215 tournament guaranteed $1 million, but drew a Sunday Million-like 6,877 to build a $1,375,400 prizepool with $209,202.21 reserved for first and six-figure scores for the top three.

Canadian MV99 has the lead with 51 left.

Meanwhile, the High-Level $2,100 event drew 621 creating a $1 million guarantee-breaking $1,242,000 prizepool with $234,738 for first and six-figure scores for the top three.

German 0PIGGYBANK leads with 22 remaining.

All three of these tournaments will see a 2 p.m. ET restart Monday.

Finally, over on Full Tilt, the only place to find a six-figure score was the $750k Guaranteed, which drew 4,555 making for a $911,000 prizepool that paid 540 spots.

In the end, King2173 earned $163,069 and the title by beating Flush_Entity ($112,964) heads-up.


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