The Sunday Scoop: FTOPS Brings Big Scores Back

Shawn Buchanan
Shawn Buchanan made the final table of the $2,000+$100 Multi-Entry FTOPS XX - Event #40 Sunday.

The 20th edition of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series wrapped up Sunday ensuring there were some seriously big scores up for grabs for the first time since online poker's Black Friday.

Allowing multi-entries helped the $600+$40 FTOPS XX main event draw 4,666, creating a $2,799,600 prizepool that was more than enough to cover the $2.5 million gaurantee.

CupcakeThePig took home $137,180.40 for a fifth-place finish before a deal was struck four-handed.

Towelfish got the best of the deal, earning $366,792.88 after finishing runner-up to ArielBahia, who collected $346,696.49 with the win.

WHOPPWHOPP made third and $279,393.51 while paranoik333 grabbed $288,774 for fourth.

In the meantime, the second and final day of the $2,000+$100 Multi-Entry FTOPS XX - Event #40 wrapped up.

WPT title holder and Full Tilt Pro Shawn Buchanan made the final table, but could do no better than sixth for $50,350.00.

FLIPokeHer held on for the win, earning $195,000 after a chop heads-up with AverageHoe that left the runner-up with the lion's share of the prizepool at $234,300.

Finally, the $240+$16 6-Max, Knockout, Multi-Entry FTOPS XX - Event #44 drew 6,088 entries, laying its $750,000 guarantee to waste with a $1,217,600 prizepool.

LFmagic took home the title and $200,904 first-place prize after beating AKHoorash ($131,500.80) heads-up.

Over on PokerStars, 5,744 players drop the $200+$15 by-in for a shot at Sunday Million glory.

A $1,148,800 prizepool was created, making the $1 million guarantee moot.

In the end, Vsegris earned $178,066.70 and the title, beating November 2010 Sunday Warm-Up winner Pinowww ($132,112) heads-up.

And speaking of the Sunday warm-up, 3,393 entered the event this week with PizzicatoXev grabbing the win and $106,541.19.

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