The Sunday Scoop: Annette_15 Misses in the Mulligan

Annette Obrestad
Annette "Annette_15" Obrestad.

Online legend Annette "Annette_15" Obrestad just missed a big win in Full Tilt's Sunday Mulligan on another busy Sunday in the online poker world.

The $200+$16 Mulligan drew 1,197 players creating a $239,400 prize pool that paid 135 spots.

Signed as a Full Tilt pro this summer, the Norwegian finished runner-up to augie00.

First paid $52,668 while Obrestad picked up $33,516 for her second-place effort.

Swedish Full Tilt pro Michal Tureniec also made the final table finishing tenth.

Full Tilt's $750k Guaranteed drew 4,085 players yesterday, creating an $817k prize pool that paid 585 places.

salue held on to book the win there and collect $144,274.03.

But the PokerStars Sunday Million was the biggest draw Sunday as 8,260 players jumped in on the action creating a $1,652,000 prize pool.

The top 1,260 paid and with three players left a chip-chop deal was struck leaving $30k for first.

In the end, NickDandolos took the title and $195,647.93 while strassa2 got $185,266.58 for finishing runner-up and mcst0002 was left with $163,584.69 in third-place money.

The $750,000 Guarantee Sunday Warm-up on PokerStars also ended in a three way deal.

This time LeComptedeMC took $120,982.68 for first while Unicum next grabbed $114,000.00 finishing second and Bremers collected $114,000.00 for third.

Back on Full Tilt, The Sunday Brawl drew 2,881 creating a $576k prize pool and ensuring the winner would walk away with six figures. That winner was dDeoxyribo, who happily collected $116,968.60 in first-place prize money.

Meanwhile, the PokerStars Sunday 500 drew 1,039 creating a $519,500 prizepool. KidPoker Daniel Negreanu was among the leaders for a while but flamed out 78th as pdrsn8 went on to book the win and $89,665.70 in first-place cash.

Finally, DOKTORZH took down the $200k Guaranteed on UB for $45,553.20 by deafeating a 1,020-player field.

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