The Juice pulps competition at San Diego WSOP Circuit

Justin "The Juice" Hagan delivered on his promise to win Event 3 of the World Series of Poker Circuit in San Diego on Tuesday, cracking runner-up Christopher Bonita's pocket fours by pairing a queen on the flop.

Hagan, a 37-year-old pro poker player from Palm Desert, Calif., turned his confidence into a final table victory at Harrah's Rincon Casino, earning $31,079 and a gold WSOP ring.

His success took some effort and a marathon No-Limit Hold'em session: Though the event was scheduled to run over two days, the nine finalists opted to see the game played out in one.

The result was a 2 a.m. win for Hagan and a disappointing loss for Bonita, a 44-year-old pool salesman from Massachusetts, who held a 5-2 chip lead coming into the final table.

The Event 3 results are as follows:

1stJustin Hagan$31,079
2nd Christopher Bonita $17,266
3rd Jacob Frank $9,496
4th Jason Stern $6,906
5th Joseph Ochoa $6,043
6th Don Fryer $5,180
7th Rick Fox $4,317
8th Charles Chan $3,453
9th Michael Heintschel $2,590

The third event of the Circuit drew 89 players and a total prize pool of $86,330.

The tournament runs Feb. 12-22, with the championship event firing up on Feb. 20 at the casino.

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