The Jean-Robert Bellande Report: Week 1

Jean-Robert Bellande

We here at cover all things poker and over the last week you may have noticed poker player Jean-Robert Bellande making his first appearance on Survivor: China. We've decided to give you a summary of Bellande's performance on the CBS reality show no matter how long, or how briefly, he stays on the island. Without further ado, here's Week 1 in our ongoing series!

The first thing that becomes apparent watching Bellande in Survivor garb is that he could probably stand to lose some weight. Fortunately the nearest buffet is miles from where Bellande is staying in China so he stands to improve his physical appearance over the next few weeks, if he sticks around.

Week 1 saw Bellande join the physically strong Fei Long ("Flying Dragon") tribe. Some of his more interesting tribe mates include James Clement, a gravedigger from Lafayette, La., Leslie Nease, a Christian talk-show host from Tega Cay, S. C. and Aaron Reisberger, a surf instructor from Venice, Calif.

Perhaps surprisingly, Bellande seemed to get along with all his teammates in the first episode and managed to stay fairly low profile. The only really interesting thing Bellande did was take Todd Herzog aside and talk to him. Herzog is a 22-year-old flight attendant from Pleasant Grove, Utah but Bellande confronted him and said he didn't believe that Herzog was actually a flight attendant.

Bellande mentioned he is very good at reading people because he plays poker for a living, but it appears his read was off on Herzog. The flight attendant quickly defended himself and Bellande, somewhat reluctantly, changed his mind.

Bellande also mentioned that he thought Herzog was one of the craftier people on the island. That might be true, as Herzog was seen talking in his video diary about how he might be able to mobilize people against Bellande. There's a good chance Bellande misplayed his hand regarding Herzog.

Fortunately Bellande didn't have to worry about Tribal Council because his tribe vanquished the Zhan Hu ("Fighting Tiger") tribe in the first immunity challenge. Instead it was the elderly (at 47) Steve "Chicken" Morris who busted from the event after his tribe turned against him.

Next week is a must-watch for Bellande fans, as the preview showed the poker player getting reamed out by his team for "not pulling his weight." Granted, Bellande has a lot of weight to pull so it's a big challenge. Check next week to see if Bellande succumbs to this atrocious bad beat, goes all-in against Herzog or gets busted way, way before the money.

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