The hits continue: martonas drops another $500k

Patrik Antonius

If last night's high-stakes action on Full Tilt is any indication, when unknown Swede martonas takes his virtual seat, furious action is sure to follow.

The martonas comeback began with a $200k win on Sunday night. But when the Swedish gambler tried for a repeat the next night, he lost over $500k to Tom "kingsofcards" Marchese and Aaron "aejones" Jones.

If martonas is one thing, he's persistent. Last night he returned to the highest-stakes games online, and for the second night in a row, he managed to get beat out of half a million dollars.

Almost every nosebleed-stakes player in the game could smell the blood in the water, causing an absolute frenzy of action.

In fact, the top 25 pots of the night alone amounted to over $6.1 million wagered.

MarketPulse to see the rest:

Both players knew they both had the draw.

$146k on a draw.

A nice turn for Antonius.

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