The first poker player interview

PokerLizard sat down with the current World Series of Poker Main-Event Champion, Greg Raymer, to find out how his life has changed since his big win.

PokerLizard: So it's been awhile since your amazing WSOP win. How is life as a professional poker player and do you miss the 9-5 (or maybe 6-8) workdays as an attorney?

Raymer: Well, I'm not really a professional poker player in the strictest sense of the word. Because of my unique status, I'm spending a lot more time making appearances, working on advertisements and endorsements, and writing my book than I am on playing poker. However, I am playing in many of the major events out there, and enjoying it. It will be even more fun once I win another one (fingers crossed). I absolutely do NOT miss my old job, at least not in the sense that I would wish I hadn't won the WSOP so things would be as they were. I love my new situation, and while being a patent attorney is a pretty good life, this new life is even better.

PokerLizard: In the 2002 WSOP, you put all your money in with AQs, and subsequently got busted by Tony D's T4o. Do you treat AQ like the rotten meat that Brunson does, or do you simply see it as another decent starting had that must be played cautiously?

Raymer: It's a very good starting hand, but it's not aces. In fact, once you drop down from aces, everything is a big step down. However, I still would make that call, as long as I'm still confident that I'm ahead. I don't care if I had held J3o, if I was somehow sure I was the significant favorite, then calling was correct.

PokerLizard: How was your experience in ESPN's TOC? A lot of internet geniuses have second-guessed some of your plays (the 8,9 hands mostly); can you explain the rationale behind the plays? Did you ever get Daniel Negreanu's autograph?

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