durrrr Challenge: The 2,040 hand slug fest

Tom Dwan

Yesterday's session of the durrrr Challenge did not disappoint the Full Tilt railbirds with 2,040 hands of action and over $19 million wagered.

The session started around 4 p.m. ET and lasted all the way until 1 a.m. this morning. At around 10:30 the boys took a one-hour break before returning to play the final 470 hands of the night.

The session was an all out slug fest with 22 $100k+ pots contested, including the largest of the entire night online, worth an impressive $293k.

The almost $300k pot saw Dwan raise all-in on the flop holding top-two pair with a flush and gut-shot straight re-draw. Antonius was quick to make the call holding the nut straight with four over cards.

Dwan hit a six on the river to win the hand with a full house.

The second largest pot of the night saw Dwan flop the case 7 giving him top set against Antonius's top pair. The money got all in after the turn brought Antonious two pair.

With just two outs to win the pot, Antonius failed to suck out on the river, shipping most of his stack and another massive pot to Dwan.

Thanks mostly to winning the three largest pots of the night, Dwan was able to book an $81k profit, bringing his lead in the challenge up to almost $780k.

With the end closer than the beginning, hopefully the players will continue putting in long sessions to bring the contest to a close before the year's end.

durrrr Challenge by the numbers:

  • 217,037,659: Total amount wagered in the challenge
  • 1,263,602: Prize for 9th place at the 2009 WSOP Main Event
  • 779,248: Amount durrrr is ahead
  • 27,185: Total hands played so far
  • 54: Percentage of challenge completed
  • 1: number of breaks during last night's 9-hour session

Below are the three largest hands of the session, you can find the rest in MarketPulse:

Quite the drawing hand.

A very bad turn for Antonius.

A sick hand.

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